Concoct a branding for Singapore's Top Young Bartender
Role: Brand Designer
Freelance Work
Social Media
Trust Your GutDerived from Jiawei’s experimental personality, the brand lives on endless possibilities. Everything he does as a professional bartender relies on his gut. Bartending is like a performance. It consists of knowledge, showmanship, technique and hospitality.

One of the most important parts of his profession is his interaction with his customers to show the right kind of hospitality. To be able to do that, he heavily relies on his senses every night. With that, a dynamic identity system was born to suit this wide spectrum of encounters.
Social Media
His social media logo is very minimal as we need an easily recognisable and outstanding logo in the vast sea of moments & stories. Social media is a key aspect for a bartender to interact with his customers, showcasing all the fun, upcoming & new things happening. It highly boosts retention rate and allows new customers to briefly know him before deciding to visit him at his bar too.
His namecard doubles up as a coaster, which is always placed before he serves the drink.
A logo that can easily be drawn & recalled – even when everyone's drunk. This logo was inspired by his finesse – how every single creation he makes lives & breathes on the edge
Brand Graphics
Different colors & shapes represent different moods & flavors. These are some graphics created based on existing drinks at his bar. This dynamic identity system allows Jiawei to easily express himself and show his versatility and sensitivity to each and every customer.
3D Animation
Larry, a 3D motion designer, brought this brand to another dimension. He created a teaser video, followed by a video which showcases the ingredients used in The Black Diamond.
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