Jinjja Chicken
Creating the most bizzare Korean fast food chain brand
Role: Illustrator & Designer
Done at: The Folks Studio
We were tasked to brand a new, affordable and authentic Korean fast-food chain launching in Singapore. Jinjja is a commonly used korean expression meaning "really?!". It is familiar, recognizable, easily articulated, catchy and self-explanatory.

We created disbelief not only in taste, but also in our services and messaging.
Taking influence from korean culture, we had the mascot be a typical korean man that wears his sweatsuit. He is just someone who does bizarre things.

I came up with different scenarios that could relate back to their menu items. To emphasize on our unbelievable concept, some of my illustrations leaned towards a hidden dark meaning.
Graphic Treatment
Comic strips scream exaggeration & infinite possibilities. Speech bubbles of "did you know" were printed on their food packaging, to shock people with fun facts which they never knew of.
“The average Korean eats 74.1 servings of instant ramyeon every year”
Tried out many variations with our mascot but ended up choosing something minimal to compliment the graphics
Social Media
Our client took our mascot to the next level by shooting a promotional video in Korea, and continued creating fun & bizarre content with our Chicken Man.

Photo & Video Credit: Jinjja Chicken