Ministry of Communications and Information
Making education for digitalisation fun on social media
Role: Art Director
Done at: Tribal Singapore
Social Media
MCI had two objectives: to introduce local tech SMEs and encourage digitalisation in our daily lives. With a topic so dry, we really needed something to grasp people's attention.

Idea: Max The Cat Intern (M.C.I)
We wanted to explain tech terms in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner, and a cat is definitely someone who is unfamiliar with technology. Using a cat as an intern to front this series, we brought viewers through his intern journey and daily life.

‍I a cat can learn it, so can you!
2 parts to this project
Max the Cat
5x reveal videos
5x in-depth photo albums
1x teaser
2x festive gifs
Max Out-Of-Office
1x teaser
4x touchpoints
4x series of >20 IG Stories each
4x compilation videos
1x bloopers
Max the Cat Intern
We lured people in with mischievous teaser videos, positioning Max as a cheeky little intern. Comic strips were then used to elaborate in-depth on how each company's technology works.
Max Out-Of-Office
Now that Max has learnt about digitalisation at work, we see how he can apply it out of the office, in daily situations. In turn, teaching the viewers how to integrate these techniques in their daily lives. If a cat can do it, so can you! Inspired by black mirror, we created interactive IG Stories that allow users to decide what Max does next by polling. (the right answer is the digital option!)

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