Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
youths to shape Singapore's future together
Role: Art Director
Done at: Tribal Worldwide
Spark The Nextis a series of interactive conversations that rally the youth in Singapore to step forward and take action in the co-creation of our shared future.

All on-ground activations, installations, social experiments and roadshows are engineered to reach and connect with today’s generation of youths, by harnessing the most relevant touch-points and strongest insights.
Room for Change
“Hyper-interactive living space shows how sustainability starts from simple, everyday actions.”

Room for Change seeks to activate youths as action-oriented supporters, by educating them on various kinds of waste being generated right at home, that greatly impact our environment. In doing so, we encourage youths to think about sustainable habits they can help adopt and instill at the individual and community level.
Electronic waste
Fashion waste
Plastic waste
“Youths-like-us spark the next move for shaping dreams of Singapore’s youth.”
While Singapore’s youths are diverging from traditional paths of success, they still require assurance that Singapore is a land of opportunities which enables them to pursue their dreams.

Youths-like-us profiles famous Singaporeans before their successes, to show youths that they too started as everyday Singaporeans – informing youths that success isn’t about going where someone has gone before, but paving your own way forward with confidence.

To increase the amount of engagements, youth participants will stand a chance to be part of a masterclass with a role model – by sharing ideas on how society can better support each other to pave their own way forward.