Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium
Casting a net on social media to boost installs
Role: Art Director
Done at: Facebook Singapore
Social Media
To increase game downloads amongst the highly stressed community who plays games to destress

Idea: Tap your way to relaxation with Abyssrium
Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, is a popular and unique aquarium clicker game. They are proven to help people calm down and relax when they are tensed and stressed.

Thus, our objective was to make sure the calmness people seek during their daily busy life is within arm’s reach.

This project won a Bronze in the ROI Creative Festival 2018.
higher ROI
70% lower CPI
more installs
3x higher
relevancy score
3 parts to this project
1      Instagram Stories
2      Feed Videos
3      Messenger Bot
Instagram Stories
A first-world solution for #firstworldproblems
Stay relaxed, no matter what
Feed Videos
To help our clients get the most bang out of their buck, we proposed to optimize the assets we created, to touch-base on other parts of the platform as well. The more coverage, the more likelihood of conversions.
Let Corgi do the magic
Let Corgi do the magic
Messenger Bot
Gamifying the Messenger Bot Experience
Most gaming ads lack interactivity. So I wanted to give people a first-hand experience of the game before downloading it. In the bot, people can create a virtual aquarium like how they can make in the game. This results in an increased probability of downloading the game, bringing down CPI too.
"Why would I download an app if I don't know what's in it?"
"Too troublesome to download an app"
"Going to the app store disrupts my social media session."
We created an activation campaign –
to drive people to click to messenger.
We created an activation campaign –
to drive people to click to messenger.
User Flow
Route 1: Be a Designer – Customize your Aquarium
Route 2: Signature Themes – Short & Sweet
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