Uni-President: Tung Yi
Refreshing a 10 year old Taiwan fruit juice
Role: Designer
Done at: Bannistar Singapore
Uni-President wanted to emphasize on the freshness of their juice as it was made of 100% juice. As our clients strongly believe in their roots, they didn't want to steer away too much from their existing packaging. Rather, they wanted to bring about a sense of newness despite that warm familiarity. A new flavour which is mixed fruits, was also introduced as a refresh to their flavours.
The label also covered only 2/5 of the pack so that we could see what's exactly inside.
White wood was used in the background to indicate clean & natural
Water droplets were added on to make the fruits feel juicy
In Taiwan, the health regulation forbids photos of real fruit on fruit juice packaging! Instead, we’ve chosen realistic illustrations of fruits.
Color Palette
Colors had to scream freshness. We also had to be sensitive to traditions – colors like black were not encouraged.
Mixed Fruit
On Shelf
Was sold in various minimarts & supermarkets all over Taiwan.
Different Sizes
We also adapted the designs to both mini size and family size for their existing flavours, orange and grape.