Very Small Exhibition
An immersive exhibition during the Singapore Night Festival
Role: Exhibition Designer
Done at: Singapore Night Festival
Very Light Exhibition – be presentis an immersive installation that reflects on living in a highly compressed and crowded city like Singapore. As technology advances, we gain and share information faster. However, we are often less aware of what is going on around our physical environment due to the constant interruption caused by this convenient lifestyle.

You could be colouring, expressing and sharing your thoughts on our stickers. You could be lying down in a meditative state and gaze at the light pulse gently. Or, you could be running through the exhibition purely as a sensory experience as the installation changes and adapts.
We started the trend of the blinking lights balloons in Singapore.
A Bare Base
It's people who complete our exhibition – they have to be present to complete it
Floor Plan
Promotional Posters
Use of flat line work & type to suggest the public to fill it in and express themselves freely. To be placed in schools, community centres and MRT noticeboards.
Area 1
Poster Wall + Activity corner for drawing & colouring
Area 2
A place to run & play with the balloons – A place to let loose
Area 3
A place to relax and stare at the blinking balloons
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