Choose Both
Mother or wife? Black carrot cake or white? To insure or invest? Why not both?
Decisions. We’re capable of making up to 35,000 a day, yet, the simplest ones can stump us – like, what’s for lunch? Now imagine having to choose between two life-altering choices: protecting your bank account, or growing your wealth. That’s a really tough one.
Choose both lah!
Manulife solves this dilemma once and for all with a campaign to promote ManuInvest Duo, its top performing Investment-linked plan (ILPs) that allows customers to choose both—protect their lifestyle and accumulate their wealth at the same time.
The Film
To engage our indecisive target audience, we created a launch film inspired by this very human phenomenon of being caught between two equally favourable choices. The slapstick film features two everyday Singaporeans at the most crucial moment of decision-making. After they take too long to decide, a needed intervention occurs, along with the campaign message that they can actually “choose both” – with ManuInvest Duo.
We put the choice in
your hands
But our quest to solve life’s many dilemmas didn’t stop there. Over on Instagram, we put Singaporeans on the spot by transporting them into the film. Using IG Stories, users had to choose between two similar food choices, and saving the wife or the mother in our film.
We then went on Facebook and used a 360° photo post to really put the viewer into the shoes of our film’s character. No matter which side you chose, the answer is simple – when it comes to insurance and investment, you can choose both, with ManuInvest Duo.
MARKIES Awards 2021
Most Creative Video – Silver
Most Creative Digital – Shortlist