Jinjja Chicken

The most bizarre Korean fried chicken you’ll encounter.
We were tasked to brand a new, affordable and authentic Korean fast-food chain launching in Singapore. How do we standout from the crowd?
Jinjja is a commonly used korean expression meaning "really?!". It is familiar, recognizable, easily articulated, catchy and self-explanatory.

We created disbelief not only in taste, but also in our services and messaging. Whether it's an interesting item on the menu, strange advertising or a deal that sounds too good to be true, we wanted Jinjja Chicken to be top of mind for that.
Influenced by Korean culture, we portrayed the mascot as a stereotypical Korean man clad in a sweatsuit. This character's penchant was engaging in eccentric behavior. Different scenarios were created to relate back to their menu items. To emphasize on our unbelievable concept, some illustrations leaned towards a hidden dark meaning.
Graphic Treatment
Comic strips scream exaggeration & infinite possibilities. Speech bubbles of "did you know" were printed on their food packaging, to shock people with fun facts which they never knew of.
Fun fact: The average Korean eats 74.1 servings of instant ramyeon every year