Rebel Moon Launch
Zack Snyder's blockbuster IRL? We got you.
Netflix was releasing their biggest movie of the year. Other than creating a big on-ground event, they wanted a big online presence on social media. They wanted to engage the public, to make them feel like they were there.

Rebel Moon Film Synopsis:
When a colony on the edge of the galaxy finds itself threatened by the armies of the tyrannical Regent Balisarius, they dispatch a young woman with a mysterious past to seek out warriors from neighbouring planets to help them take a stand.
Rebels Wanted
The fate of the cosmos rests in your hands. The mission: rescue a galaxy teetering on the precipice of the Imperium’s control. In an immersive, 3-day odyssey that draws you into the story of Rebel Moon, you are no mere observer – step into the shoes of a recruit, prove your mettle and experience a journey that culminates in an epic rebellion.
Enlist as a Rebel
To be recognized as Rebels, genuine identification was paramount. Leveraging A.I technology, we transformed our influencers into Rebels even before their arrival in Tokyo for the launch event, igniting enthusiasm and anticipation for their journey ahead.
Be a Rebel
With the same A.I technology employed, we created a personalised cinematic experience. A library that illustrated the influencers in iconic locations from the film, each shot exuding the spirit of rebellion. Receiving their personalized movie posters served as a concrete affirmation of their inclusion as a Rebel. Making this inclusive to the public after the launch event, it granted the chance for anyone and everyone to join the Rebel ranks.
Forage like a Rebel
We got our influencers to forage for their own dinner by exploring and looking for ingredients. From the shadows, our veteran insurgents emerged. Experts in the art of cooking in the wild, they used the resources gathered to prepare a hearty welcome dinner comprising of Japanese small plates and skewers; further forging unity with the new recruits.
Conquer Missions like a Rebel
Events on influencers' channels are usually a heap of messy content, and the public often doesn't have enough context on what's happening. How do we ensure that our audience follows through the Rebel's journey easily? By seeding mission prompt cards into our influencers' social media channels. This way, we strategically guided our influencers to be deeply tied to our narrative while they broadcasted their unique experiences.
Fight like a Rebel
In the movie, there was one epic final battle where the Rebels fought against the Imperium, the oppressors. Drawing inspiration from the cosmic visuals and advanced weaponry showcased in the film, we recreated that atmosphere by organizing thrilling laser tag showdowns for our influencers. The fate of the galaxy hinged on their courage to face the impossible to defeat the tyranny of the Imperium.