Spark the Next
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
Inspiring youths to shape Singapore's future together
MCCY & NYC wanted youths of today to voice out their opinions about today’s issues and shape Singapore’s future. But the problem is that youths don’t care, don't believe and don't dare to voice out their opinions about government initiatives.
Non-advertising, to advertise to the youth.
We created a series of interactive conversations that rally the youth in Singapore to step forward and take action in the co-creation of our shared future. We hijacked malls with interactive art installations. We invited youths to rub shoulders with their favourite radio & TV personalities over a cup of bubble tea while trading thoughts on important values. We hosted masterclasses that got youths to think about their future.
The Invisible Gallery
“The Invisible Gallery casts light on disadvantaged youths whose troubles often go unnoticed.”

Singapore is known globally as a harmonious and safe country, and one of the best places to grow up in. But beneath the surface, there are still select groups of youths facing challenges due to family finances, domestic violence and stress on their mental well-being. The Invisible Gallery invites youths to shine a light on a row of blank canvases, to reveal portraits and stories of profiles who suffered from unseen problems - like depression and poverty. The installation encourages youths to reach out to those who face challenges, and help them step back into the light.
Room for Change
“Hyper-interactive living space shows how sustainability starts from simple, everyday actions.”

Room For Change welcomes youths to start sustainable habits from home. A closet opens to reveal the consequences of fast fashion. A digital dining table top transforms to provide some food for thought about the harmful effects of plastic waste. Placing a mobile phone on a computer desk triggers a chain effect on multiple devices, to illustrate the importance of recycling electronic waste.
“Youths-like-us spark the next move for shaping dreams of Singapore’s youth.”

While Singapore’s youths are diverging from traditional paths of success, they still require assurance that Singapore is a land of opportunities which enables them to pursue their dreams. Youths-like-us profiles famous Singaporeans before their successes, to show youths that they too started as everyday Singaporeans – informing youths that success isn’t about going where someone has gone before, but paving your own way forward with confidence. When youths approach each life-sized statue, they will get a “call” from the personality via an iPad, who encouraged them to define success in their own way.
Youths-like-us Masterclass
“Paving and defining your own way of success is one of the best things you can do for yourself."

We also held a contest for the youths to be part of their chosen role model's masterclass. So we hosted four masterclasses, where we seeded the message of “confidence” and “progress” through veterans from the culinary, creative, entertainment and sports scene. These masterclasses encouraged youths to share ideas on how society can better support each other to pave their own way forward.
Spark The Next: School Hangout
Hanging around in school? We'll bring the conversation to you.

In 13 institutes of higher learning, Spark The Next: School Hangout invited youths to rub shoulders with their favourite radio DJs and TV personalities over a cup of bubble tea, while trading thoughts on the five messages – inclusivity, sustainability, progress, confidence and care.
MARKIES Awards 2020
Gold: Most Creative - TV / Video Advertising
Bronze: Most Creative - Communications / Public Relations
Bronze: Most Creative - Out-of-Home
Shortlist: Most Creative - Content Marketing, Event, Government Sector, Integrated Media, Launch