The Awesome & Absurd
Our ridiculous way of selling phones to Gen Alpha.
How does a brand like Samsung appeal to the Gen Alphas?
The wonderful world of the Awesome and Absurd
Gen Alpha is an unpredictable bunch. Their sense of humour and aesthetics is something totally new.

For a brand like Samsung, it had to adapt. No typical minimalistic polished ads were allowed under our watch. To show the awesome things one can do with Galaxy A, we created awesome social experiences to demonstrate how awesome tech can be a part of our audiences’ lifestyle.

A duck using a phone. A man's brain exploding. A penguin sliding into a rabbit hole. To the point that our CD asked if we were high on something.
Our presence was made in the most random videos.
The best way to get their attention, was when they weren't noticing. We trawled the internet and looked for the most absurd videos to appear in, on social platforms that our Gen Alphas were at. We took them by surprise and advertised our product in the comments, leaving our viewers with a little laugh.
Absurd collages filled our pages.
Four short clips were made to demonstrate the different USPs the A Series had. These clips took the form of unexpected collages, in an art style that Samsung has never tried before.
Choose your Awesome.
No one phone fits all. That's why the Galaxy A Series has different phones to suit your needs. We carefully crafted a social configurator on Instagram Stories, where we helped the Millennial Parents and Gen Alpha understand which phone was most suitable for them and their kids.