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Re-introducing Singapore's Road Safety Park
The Road Safety Park has been around ever since 1961. It is an interactive park for young children to practice and learn about road safety through role play. Over the years, the park has been less frequented due to its lack of publicity. In fact, many people actually think that it is closed.
Good triumphs over evil
Good, is to be a good citizen. We transform education into fun, by empowering children to be able to save the Road Safety Park by learning the traffic rules.This project aims to rekindle the love for the Road Safety Park by reminding young families the goodness of this valuable place that they once enjoyed as an educational yet fun destination.
The Tale
Rac the Racoon has set off explosives to the park’s electrical generator that has caused all the electricity in the Road Safety Park to stop working! It’s up to the elite team, The Alertos, and the children to save their home and catch Rac. Rac’s really agile, but luckily, there’s a road safety meter which keeps weakening Rac as it gets filled up. It only fills up when the roads are safe, so let’s all work together to make it happen!
Mobile Game
Three different missions, three different learning outcomes. Collect points to fuel the Road Safety Meter that weakens Rac!
At the Park
The toy teaches children how to exit the parking lot safely without crashing into others. As a public parking lot, we teach the children how to share it with their neighbours. What's encouraged is for families to add their own narratives to the characters as well to add more fun to the whole experience.