Chu Liu Xiang Launch
Imagine encountering biased NPCs who love money, or having the ability to beat up the good guys. You’ll never predict what happens next in this game. 
There are so many MMORPG games out there with killer graphics. How do we stand out from the crowd and get people to download our game?

37Games wanted to launch a refreshing open world game in Taiwan that allows people to experience the legend of Chu Liu Xiang, in a different way. Though Chu Liu Xiang is the Robin Hood of the Wu Xia World, they didn't want everyone to go through the typical hero arc.

This game is set for you to do anything you want that is possible in the Jiang Hu. Many times, you'll be faced with unexpected situations. You can be stealing watermelons, taking part in an epic fight, you can be visiting a brothel or just fishing in a pond with your friends.  

Unknown is Fun
Humans love mystery and unexpectedness.
Need help from an NPC? They might not help you.
Falling in love? That person might not be what you expected.

Never knowing how this game will pan out, we focused on highlighting the unique aspects of this game using comedy and live action to grasp gamers' attention.

Film One: Help Me
A story about the hero being humbled and beaten up everywhere he goes. Chu Liu Xiang is a hero who is usually glorified and worshipped. However, in this game, that's not always the case.
Film Two: Not Your Average NPC
A story about a biased NPC who only favours rich and high-leveled gamers. NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are characters who are programmed by the developer to assist in gameplay like giving you quests or being a shop keeper. NPCs are usually very neutral and give standard responses. However, NPCs have attitudes in this game and can react to what you say and do.
Film Three: The Weather
A story about how you can win a fight by leveraging the unpredictable weather.
Film Four: True Love
A story about someone meeting his true love in this game.
30% conversion rate.
1 in 3 people installed the game.