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Wu Xia MMORPG mobile game in Taiwan
Role: Art Director
Done at: Facebook Singapore
Art Direction
You experience the legend of Chu Liu Xiang through an open world where you can choose who you want to be, and what you want to do. This game is set for you to do anything you want that is possible in the Jiang Hu. Many times, you'll be faced with unexpected situations. You can be stealing watermelons, taking part in an epic fight, you can be visiting a brothel or just fishing in a pond with your friends.

Working with the big idea "Unknown is Fun", we focused on highlighting different aspects of this game that focuses on different emotional triggers with live action to stand out from the typical CGI films.
30% conversions = 1 of 3 people installed
Film 1 - Help me
Chu Liu Xiang is usually glorified and worshipped. However, he is being beaten up in every scenario he encounters in this game, and he begs for the audience's help to save him. (because in actual fact, not everyone would love this hero)
Film 2 - The Right Equipment
You have the wear the right equipment to survive in the game. If not, you'll lose due to unforseen circumstances.
Film 3 - Not your Average NPC
NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are people who are programmed by the developer to assist in gameplay be it giving you quests, selling things to you, etc. Thus, they are usually very neutral. However, NPCs have attitudes in this game. They can react to what you say and do.
Film 4 - Powered by the Weather
The weather is able to give certain characters power to win the fight. This film targets audience more interested in action.
Film 5 - True Love
You can meet your true love in the game but sometimes, some people cannot do so and they make it happen themselves.